Monday, 12 March 2012

Swan comes a Cropper near Allotments.

The Young Cob that crashed last week has done it again ! He and his mate were again chased from the lower river, UNDER the road bridge this time. Unable to clear the railway bridge at the allotments he crash landed in a garden beside mill road, across from the Allotments. Fortunately some local residents and allotment holders managed to get word to me as they ushered the Swan into the allotments for it's own safety. Although crash landing badly, he sustained no broken bones but had a small cut on the berry of his bill. I was able to pick him up and return him to the river. He was barely in the river 10 minutes when Popeye our resident cob flew up and chased him beyond the Jubilee bridge. He did manage to escape and just clear the riverside trees. It seems our Popeye is living up to his name and wont let any other swans into the river...Penny his mate, is just about ready to start nesting of course.

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