Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Popeye Injured

Popeye our resident Cob has been injured and puts this years mating and nesting at risk ! I noticed yesterday that he was sitting on the island virtually all day, and did not come over for his usually feed. Knowing him as I do, I thought something must be wrong and went over to check him out. He was laying down and was loathe to get up, I forced him to stand up but his legs were weak and he had great difficulty in getting to the moat. I could see he had injured his legs, probably hitting stones when chasing other swans and landing in shallow water - the river is extremely low just now.

I have given him some anti - inflammatory medication and will continue this for several days in the hope that it reduces any pain and gets him on his feet. If he is unable to do the business with Penny his mate, then nesting might be scuppered for this year !


Elaine said...

Oh No Joe!! I was watching them the other day, and did notice he was left leg up and back, but I didn't click there was anything wrong with him!! He flew into the harbour from the sea somewhere and the female had been there quite some time herself I had noticed. I have also noticed her up by the bridge herself last couple of days! Poor thing, fingers crossed!

jayteescot1 said...

It couldn't have happened at a worse time of year, being mating time. I think the anti inflammatory should help as long as he doesn't have to chase any more Intruders !