Sunday, 4 March 2012

Pristine Waterbirds

Though cooler the exceptional weather continues, and I can honestly say this is the mildest winter I have experienced in my lifetime....anyone still doubting climate change ?

The Pen is in pristine condition,looking good and constantly preening herself ready for the long nesting season. The cob too is in his prime, ready for action when the Pen chooses the time.

The Mallards are also in prime condition, and some probably already nesting. One pair in particular always pay me the compliment of landing at my feet at least once a day. The duck is looking for food as she begins the nesting season, and seeks me out knowing some high quality wheat and poultry pellets will be available ! ( video clip below). This is the same duck that landed at my feet last year in front of the Harbour Cafe after I had run out of food ! Eager to make sure she got a feed, I asked the cafe for 2 slices of plain brown bread for which they charged me £1. Scandalous price, particularly in view of the fact that some of my bird loving friends who come to see the ducks and swans weekly - actually visit the cafe too ! I dont think the cafe proprietors appreciate how much trade they get because of the wildlife on view locally !

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