Friday, 9 March 2012

Ducks and Pigeon Pals

One of my duck pals who greets me everyday is now so relaxed I can take some very close shots, she is beautiful - I love ducks brown eyes !

Seems like all the riverside birds have a taste for the wheat grain these days. The spring weather has got the nesting season underway, and many of the birds are feasting for the famine that has to be endured whilst laying and nesting. Even the Turnstones are picking up grain that the ducks have missed, and the pigeons are now joining in feasting happily with the ducks ! Today I was given another injured young pigeon found in the high street by some kind girls who put it carefully in a box. I think it's had a bash of some kind but does not appear to have any broken bones. Following on last weeks pigeon success, I will feed it up for a few days until it is able to fly off.

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