Saturday, 19 August 2017

Bad Week

It has been a bad week on the river with several ducks killed and Duke still not a happy boy. 

The biggest shock came yesterday when I discovered the severed head of the feisty little duckling that I had so carefully nurtured back to good health after the Black back attack a few weeks ago.  It lasted another 18 days and was growing well. The black backed gull again attacked and killed not only the duckling but an adult female duck as well, most likely it's mother, for I found both just 2 feet apart.

Several days before, I discovered another carcase of a female duck - again almost picked clean. It's pretty upsetting when you care for wildlife that then gets killed when you know their desire to live is so strong.
I have delayed the release of the 6 ducklings I have at home, for fear of the black back killing them, they wont have their Mother with them for guidance.  The Great Black back is feeding it's young and is killing ducks virtually everyday. The ducks are moulting and the ducklings also cant fly at this time, it has been carnage this week.

Today I discovered another badly injured duck at the swans Island and may have to catch it for treatment. In addition, Duke is still not well although still eating but very lethargic and listless. I may have to get the SPCA to take him away again, but I think there's a limit to how often they will do this.  Weather has also been poor, bad week indeed !

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