Friday, 11 August 2017

Duke Below Par

It's 11 months since Duke arrived on the scene after the death of Popeye last September. 

Once again Duke is on the slide and below par. He has been taken down twice to the SPCA wildlife rescue centre and given antibiotics and anti parasitic drugs. However he is forever getting unwell, and has recently taken himself up river for 4 days but seemed to have got better and returned down to rejoin Penny. Both of them are in full moult and Duke is once again off his food, lethargic and tired. I have been reluctant to get him carted off to the rescue centre again, and would prefer if he can overcome whatever is ailing him without constant veterinary intervention. 
My guess is he is lacking greenery,  river weed, pond weed and eel grass, probably what his diet used to be wherever he came from. The big flash flood we had in June basically washed all the river weed and algae away, depriving all the waterbirds of their natural feeding. 

Yesterday Duke was searching for something from the riverbed, perhaps minerals or nutrients that might make him better. I am monitoring him twice a day and will intervene if I have to. Other than having a lethargic and hang dog appearance, he looks in fairly good condition. 

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