Monday, 21 August 2017

Local Hero

For the past month there has been a huge tree root sitting close to the moat entrance, this threatened to block the moat during the next big spate. It has been on my mind for weeks, and I have been waiting for a spring tide to move it away from the area. I purchased  a 50 metre rope with the idea of tying it to the root and the Merryton bridge so as to allow the rising tide to swing it away from the moat channel. However it became obvious that it needed a push as well. This week has a spring tide and I am now feeling my age, so needed an action man to give us a hand. My first thought was to contact local supporter and tradesman Gary Reid who tackled the same problem for us 5 years ago, by moving a massive tree root  from the moat all by himself. Gary is a star, and was quick to offer his services by donning his wet suit and wading into the river during the dark, hitching a rope onto it and tying it to the Merryton bridge supports. High tide was at midnight but Gary rocked that root around until it was shifted into the main river channel before 11pm tonight. Gary has been a real local hero to the Trust, and avoided the Trust having to get a local contractor with all the red tape that would have involved. The Trust is very grateful to our local hero, Thank you Gary.

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