Thursday, 10 August 2017

Goose End Of The Line

Took the Goose to the Vet this morning, diagnosis was that the badly broken leg could not be saved. The injury appears to have happened a while back, probably came down hard on a wet road mistaking it for a river. This is quite plausible since we've had plenty of wet weather recently. 
The local Moray Coast Vets initially agreed to amputate the leg even though this would have reduced it's survivability and quality of life. However they then consulted with the Manager of the Scottish SPCA wildlife rescue centre for advice. The advice was euthanasia, as geese do a lot of walking and being a heavy bird would find life difficult hopping around and landing on one leg, it would also be pestered by male geese. Another avian vet was consulted in Glasgow, and the consensus was to put it to sleep. Reluctantly I had to accept the expert opinion and allow them to go ahead with the euthanasia. If I break a leg, I only hope it's not a Vet in charge of the decision making !

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