Sunday, 27 August 2017

Dukes New Diet

My strategy of keeping a watchful eye on Duke and hoping he will improve without veterinary intervention seems to be working. Although he has taken himself up river twice for 4 or 5 days at a time, he always comes back to rejoin Penny. I noticed the inside of his mouth and tongue seemed particularly white, and  looked anaemic. With this in mind I started feeding him dried mealworm and porridge oats, something he now craves ! 

He has picked up a lot and is much more animated and less lethargic. Mealworm is high in protein and perhaps this has been partly the problem. The river does not provide much in the way of varied greenery and he may have come from an environment with a lot more varied vegetation and protein. Although costly, I will continue with the Mealworm and Porridge diet for a while and see how he does.

Meanwhile Penny has fully moulted and her new plumage is half grown, she is looking good and should be able to fly within 2 weeks - Duke is a week behind her.

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