Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Training and Education

The Nights are drawing in and the Cygnets departure day draws ever closer. They are flying at some point every day now, and today from the links I saw 6 of them flying in a large circle with the pen coaching them, landing in quite choppy water too. Earlier in the day 2 of the cygnets were doing a courting style display with the hackles up, the Cob was quickly on the scene to put a stop to it. He then gave the whole group a lesson in etiquette with deep grunts and the whole family joined in the conflab ! After that they all had a bath with much flapping and splashing around.

Based on last year the education and training the cob and pen give the cygnets at this time, indicates that they will probably be gone within a week or so.

I find it fascinating to watch them gathering, and carefully listening and watching the parents, learning the skills and etiquette needed to successfully integrate with other swan flocks.

Nature is amazing !

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