Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Cost of Success

Watching the rise and rise of the waterbirds on the river, is a source of great pleasure to me and no doubt many others too. A couple from Arizona yesterday were delighted to see a pair of Mute Swans with 9 cygnets, something they considered quite rare and will continue to follow on my blog. Another young local woman recently told me how as a child, she was taken to Forres to see the ducks since there were no ducks in the river Nairn. This situation has not come about by accident, but by active promotion and encouragement of the local water birds. Most locals know that in addition to having the swans island built, that I feed the swans and ducks daily - 365 days a year regardless of the weather ! This has drawn criticism from some who thought the island would be washed away at the first flood - how disappointing for them. Then they turned their attention to smear tactics and ridicule. Then comments about making the wildlife dependent and it not being natural etc etc. Many of these people had no interest in the river or the wildlife until I took the time and effort to bring it to the fore, they took no interest when the river had sewerage leaking into the river on a daily basis, although they walked the river daily for years.

I make no apology for promoting a clean river environment and feeding the wildlife. It may interest people to know that I spend around £700 a year on feeding the birds, Wheat, poultry pellets, carrots and wholemeal bread. This does not include the time and effort preparing the feeding, I consider all this a labour of love! I think the results of this years swans hatching is my reward ! My thanks to those who support what I do, and those who watch out for the Birds when I'm not around. The cygnets are thriving as the pics show.

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