Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Nairn Cygnets

UPDATE: This morning I arrived at the river just in time to see the Swans taking the New cygnets back to the Island nest. We have 8 simply superb cygnets !

As I expected the pen has been hatching her eggs since yesterday, and today I got the first glimpse of the new born cygnets. I could only see 5, but on photographic evidence there appears to be six of the little beauties so far. It is possible more have still to hatch but even so, 6 is a nice brood to be going on with. I expect them to take to the water by tomorrow and maybe we will discover that there are more than 6. It has been a long haul for the pen, 2 weeks to lay the eggs then 5 weeks to incubate them. Nice caption for the second pic " Look, I'm a Penguin. " The cob will now go into a defensive and sometimes aggressive mode with the cygnets to protect - you have been warned !


Elaine said...

Fab Joe!! How great to get a little glimpse ;)


jayteescot1 said...

Yeah, they are very cute, nice to see them again.