Sunday, 22 May 2011

Simply Superb Swans

With the persistent blustery cold wind, the cygnets seek the comfort of a big warm Mum ! In the harbour last night I saw the brood piling onto the pen's back, 7 managed for a short while until one fell off ! It's hard to believe that the TLC shown in these pics, will be replaced with rejection in as little as 5 months time. One watching townie remarked, " I never knew they carried the young on their back." It's amazing how little people know about some of our most common wildlife, maybe it shows how their lives are ruled by consumerism and modern living? I was also informed by an eye witness, of a Mink on the swans island during the hatching ! It was apparently about 15 feet away and the pen was agitated - I'm not surprised! Should be some action soon on the mink front. Another short cygnet vid below, taken a few days ago when Sun shone briefly.

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