Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Swan Island Success

Our beautiful Nairn Swans have successfully hatched NINE cygnets and the nest is empty, this is a 100% success story so far ! In my previous post I noticed how unusual it was for the cob to have half the brood with him while the pen was still on the nest - now we know why! The final cygnet must have hatched last night or early this morning. I am delighted that she has equalled her best of two years ago when she again had 9. I am concerned for one of them which is obviously weaker than the rest, and narrowly escaped being taken by a hoodie crow this afternoon. It was lagging behind the family group when crossing the river shingle to the moat, a hoodie landed close by was spotted by the cob and he lunged at the crow which took off. Again this evening the pen had the weak one on her back while all the others were feeding, she even carried it up the mound to the nest. If it doesn't pick up within a few days it may not survive. Fingers x crossed ! Earlier in the day, all the cygnets enjoyed a brief race which was a joy to watch ! I was privileged
that the pen brought the cygnets over and gave me a head nod as one of the family ! ( short video below )


grovecanada said...

Hi, I was thinking of your seagull, Steven Seagull... Does he get to swim in your bathtub? Maybe if you let him swim in your bathtub, his wing would heal better...Water therapy can be very good for ironing out kinks in the healing process...Just a thought...Sari

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Sari, He has a bathtub outside - as well as a shower tray and dustbin lid! Maybe when he gets a new set of feathers he might improve some more.