Sunday, 24 April 2016

Ducklings Danger

Yet another duckling hatching season is upon us, and to the enjoyment of many a mother duck with 10 ducklings arrived at the Island Moat today. Being a sunny weekend and many holiday makers on the go, it is timely to remind everyone of the deadly dangers to these tiny new ducklings. Throwing bread to them is a sure fire way of getting them taken by Crows and Seagulls, PLEASE DON'T DO IT ! They are too small to eat bread and it has no nutritional value to them.

 Their primary food source are flies and algae growing on the wet stones. Crushed dried mealworm has high protein content, and even crushed porridge oats can be put to them, as long as it's close to the river walls where they can feed in safety. There are still some Fishertown residents who throw bread to the gulls, they should be politely told not to do it, ESPECIALLY at this time of year.

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