Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Trust To The Rescue Again.

After the tragic death of Blondie last week, I have been keeping a close eye on her remaining offspring in the hope that they will successfully nest this first season.

 I knew one of her daughters was nesting close to the road bridge, and today I spotted her in a fix as the spring tide flooded her nest. Knowing the tides will be even higher all this week, it is certain that the eggs will be washed away.

 The Trust took action, and this evening Morag our intrepid Trust Secretary donned her wet suit and scrambled down a high embankment to rescue the eggs, incredibly also picking up litter on the way !! 

It transpired that there were 14 eggs, which I duly candled and put in the incubator within 20 minutes of the rescue.
 They are so far advanced I could see nothing during the candling. I only hope the soaking they got today did not kill them all. I should know within a week if we have any survivors. Hopefully Blondie's daughter will have learned not to nest too close the riverside in future.

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