Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Another Trust Rescue

Another Dramatic Trust rescue this evening when a mother duck and 6 ducklings got into problems with the current. I spotted her earlier in the evening beside the bridge supports, however when she tried to take the newly hatched ducklings up river they kept getting swept back by the current. It was obvious they were getting exhausted and one of them got swept downstream, later rejoined by the brood. It was time to act and with the help of young Lucy Lansdell I waded across the river and managed to catch the mother duck first. Lucy encouraged the ducklings to stay near the side so as not to be swept away down stream, this gave me time to bag the mother and then catch all 6 ducklings. It was exhausting for me, but a successful rescue mission. This means I now have 3 broods totalling 30 ducklings under care.The crows and gulls at Merryton bridge have so far been thwarted this season.

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