Sunday, 17 April 2016

First Bath

The incubator hatched ducklings had their first bath today, thoroughly enjoyed it as you would expect. Had to make the water tepid, and only give them a about 10 minutes until they get a little older. I'm really pleased we have 2 golden ones they will keep each other company and not be the odd one out.
One duckling has a serious problem which I only discovered yesterday, it has slipped tendons on both legs and is unable to walk or stand. It may have been the fact that hatching was delayed by a few days because of the immersion in cold water. 

This may have resulted in distortion within the shell. I have slipped the tendons back where they belong and bandaged the legs straight for the moment. It means hand feeding and watering it frequently throughout the day, will consult the vet tomorrow to see if anything further can be done.  Ducklings first bath short video below.

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