Friday, 29 April 2016

Aviary Completed

The Riverpark ducklings will soon have a new home, after the completion of the aviary and installation of a coop. 

This has been a frenetic week for me with 42 ducklings and 3 mother ducks to attend to, as well as putting together the new coop and coating same with outdoor weather proofing. The ducklings need to have constant ready access to lots of food and water, and bedding has to be changed as well as water, it all takes up time and it's just as well I consider it a labour of love ! 

The weather is still very cold at nights, and I may wait until we get an improvement in temperatures before shifting the mother and 13 ducklings away from the heat lamp into the new coop which has no heating. Short video clip showing ducklings just after a dip below.

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