Thursday, 28 April 2016

Trust Members Duckling Rescue

Trust members Ian and Shirley Hay of Riverpark, pulled off a great duck brood rescue today. 

This morning they saw a mother duck with 12 ducklings in their garden and creating quite a fuss as she tried to lead them across the road with circling crows and gulls. They kept them safe and contained, doing exactly the right thing by providing a shallow water tray allowing the ducklings to drink.

They spent several hours watching over them and contacted me for the next step in their rescue. After catching the mother and then the ducklings they kindly brought them over where I made room in the outhouse.

They will be transferred to the newly completed aviary and coop within a couple of days.

Meanwhile they have a cosy heat lamp bed, and have survived against the odds, with bad weather and predators waiting to claim them.  Well done Ian and Shirley, and thanks for the Photos !

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