Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Arctic Blast !

Horrendous weather conditions persist from the Arctic, feels more like January than end of April ! 

Being mindful of the exposed position of Popeye and Penny's nest, with no protection from the bitter northerly winds I did what I rarely do - except in extreme conditions. With close to freezing temperatures at night and only a few degrees during the day, I know that Penny will not leave the nest at this stage of incubation.

Reluctantly today I hand fed her while on the nest for which she was truly grateful, Popeye is very protective and although I have cared for them for nearly 10 years, he still puts himself in harms way by guarding both Penny and the nest as closely as you could imagine. It is only the trust that has built up over the years that allows me the privilege to do this on rare occasions.

 Similar ducks allow me to get that close during nesting time when food is vital to egg production.

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Anonymous said...

That second photo is very beautiful and moving.

Last year our local Cob brought the Pen over to me days before the eggs hatched. He knew I would have food and that she needed it and I well remember the feeling of panic, elation and amazement and the ferocious hunger of the Pen.

Moments like this are indeed a privilege.