Sunday, 14 March 2010

Goosander & Nearly Time

I think the Cob was hinting today that it's time to start nesting. He got up on the island, but the Pen was biding her time and eating very selective items. They both look in great condition but are missing some green foodstuff.
With steady medium high tides for the next week and milder weather forecast, I think she might get the nest sorted out this week.

My Library display comes down in the morning, but good news for those of you who missed it.

The Nairn Museum wants to display the exhibition probably during April. I will confirm later.

Many of the ducks have disappeared upstream in preparation for mating and nesting, I hope we have a better season this year but somehow I doubt it with all the predators waiting for the young ducklings ! A couple of goosanders were sitting by the bank earlier today giving themselves a good preen, about as close as one gets to photograph.

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