Sunday, 28 March 2010

Swan Tragedy !

Today I was reliably informed by a farming friend who lives in the Auldearn direction, that a pair of Swans were killed after hitting power lines on his land. This is a real tragedy, and an all too familiar incident in the lives of swans. Two swans killed in the same day at the same location is really sad, I only hope they were a bonded pair, because it is pitiful when one mate loses another. I will contact the hydro board wildlife engineer and see if discs can be fitted to the pylon lines in that location. Swans are not only elegant in the water, but are majestic in flight too !

As we all know, this was also the fate of our previous Cob at Kingsteps, and the hydro board were quick to install discs to avoid future disasters. Thankfully our Swans have no need to go inland in search of food, and hopefully will never encounter unseen power lines.

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