Thursday, 11 March 2010

New Litter Bins

Seems like my pleading for something to be done about the litter and dog poop bins has finally been heard - again !

I have sent many emails and photos to the powers that be about the lack of refuse collection at the seamans hall bin, and also the overflowing dog poop bin at merryton bridge.

I finally lost it yesterday and emailed every councillor, Highland region service point, and all the officials and managers in my address book.

I got one immediate response from the Convenor and local Councillor Sandy Park, who said he would look into it.

Today I received this response from Mr Richard Evans.

Mr Telfer and Cllr Park,

In response to Mr Telfer’s email the situation is as follows.

The litter bin in question was defective in that we could not open it. It is a cast iron bin concreted into ground. We forced it open and emptied it yesterday. Today it is being removed and replaced with a 360 litre waste bin on a stand, in the lane to side of Seamans Hall. This larger capacity bin will be emptied by refuse lorry and provides the advantage that seagulls cannot pull debris out; the incidence of which I believe Mr Telfer has also notified us.

Another situation in this area that Mr Telfer has communicated about is the dog bin by the Merryton Bridge which is the busiest bin in Nairn. We are today replacing this with 2 new and larger dog bins.

I hope that resolving these two issues will much improve the litter situation in the local area.


Richard Evans Area Roads and Community Works ManagerInverness, Nairn and Badenoch and StrathspeyTransport, Environmental and Community Services.

I have to give credit where credit is due, and thank Sandy Park and Mr Evans for their prompt action on this matter. It has restored a little bit of faith in highland regions ability to listen to local common sense.

Above photos of before and after the installation of the new bin, I have yet to see the promised new poop bins but am sure they will be installed shortly.
Update: Above, New Poop bins installed this morning.


Anonymous said...

Bazooka Joe well done

Anonymous said...

Credit to all but well done Joe most of all. Been bad for years.

jayteescot1 said...

Sometimes a bazooka is needed to get some action.
Getting through to the right department manager is the biggest hurdle, you only have to look at the title and dept of Mr Evans to see what I mean ! How is the average Joe going to know who to contact to resolve an issue ?

Anonymous said...

Excellent result, Joe! :)

- Brian