Monday, 1 March 2010


Having walked by the empty library display board for the past week, I decided to call in and find out if this week was also available for display - they said YES !

So this afternoon I hung all my display photos for all to see, they will be on show for the next 2 weeks, so plenty of time to have a peep.

I'm sure there will be some shots to please everyone, about 60 new photo's and some from last year which are worthy of another showing.

Today was a beautiful sunny day, after an excursion up to the railway bridge the Swans returned yet again to the nest for a bit of tidying up.

The goosander was also sunning and preening beside the swans nest, and was given the eyeball by the pen !

Other creatures were also around, and I got a few pics of a weasel running around the rivers edge behind the seamans hall. It was incredidbly fast and I only managed one still shot since it was constantly on the move ! (see below )

I was also given a herald newspaper cutting by someone who thought I should be getting some credit for all the feeding and care I have given the Swans. It seems someone over in Oban is looking after some swans and has opened a bank account for them !

I dont believe in something for nothing, therefore am quite happy for people to buy my Calendars when they come on stream again. Any profit from these will be used exclusively for the feeding and care of the Swans and island habitat.

Some of the best photo shots on display will be included in next years Calendar !

Since the Swans are likely to be long term residents it's important they get fed properly when they need it. The river and shoreline will provide weed from about April to October, but the Nairn is a fast flowing river and has limited weed growth, and none at all during the winter.

Can I again remind people that white bread and stale and mouldy bread, is poisonous to Swans and ducks - please dont give them any !

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