Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Duck Killed

This afternoon I was told about a sad sight on the riverside. Two mallard drakes were sitting beside their dead mate trying to get her to move. I went to investigate and sure enough I found both Drakes huddled beside the duck. If ever anyone doubted that birds have feelings this is something they should have seen. Beside the duck was a short stick covered in dog bites, and the duck itself looked as though it had been grabbed by a dog, crushed and shaken. It had not been eaten , so would not have been a mink or other predator that killed it. I really wish people would follow the outdoor access code for responsible dog walking ! http://www.outdooraccess-scotland.com/out-and-about/recreation-activities/dog-walking/ .

This duck was found on the Maggot side of the river opposite the Swans island. She was one of the good duckling providers and I only hope she was not nesting, but she probably was. Over the past week I have seen two people walking a pack of 5 collies some of which were dashing along the banks where the ducks are nesting. Other dog owners are also in the habit of walking their uncontrolled dogs along the riverside at this important time of year when birds are sitting on eggs.

I have seen several ducks that have been killed over the last few years - the feeling of pathos I get on seeing their mates standing over their dead partners sometimes for days on end - I find quite distressing.

I did hope the powers that be would have seen the sense in having a few responsible signs around the lower riverside to protect the waterbirds. It seems lack of common sense, compassion, and selfish garnering of local votes is more important to them.

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