Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ignorance Kills !

Today I was delighted to see a Mother duck with 14 ducklings descend from the Swans Island. I Knew she had a nest very close to the Swans nest, and worried that the Swans would maybe step on it or not allow her to sit on it. For over 5 weeks the Swans have allowed the duck to lay and incubate her eggs just feet from their nest. Peaceful co-existence prevailed and the pen must have heard the ducklings hatch, maybe being an expectant mother herself had a bearing on the outcome. The duck could not have picked a better nesting spot, using the protection of the Swans nesting site. I only hope they survive the perils that await them in the form of Hoodie crows, herring gulls, and worst of all - people ! For it is people throwing bread at ducklings that can get them wiped out in minutes, I have seen it before. Throwing bread, particularly large pieces brings down the gulls and they will take everything in the water - including ducklings ! I appreciate it is holiday time and parents like to entertain their kids by feeding the ducks. The problem is that most of the female ducks are nesting just now, and they don't need the food at this time of year! PLEASE DON'T ATTEMPT TO FEED DUCKLINGS DURING APRIL MAY AND JUNE ! By all means watch and enjoy them but dont get them killed through ignorance.

The photo above I took a few years ago, I warned the woman who was feeding the ducks and gulls what would happen - she chose to ignore my warning and the result shocked her.

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Debra Allan said...

I do wish everybody would take heed of this advice. Would be good to have signs up around the river at this time of year advising folk not to feed them. :-(