Friday, 8 April 2011

Martins are Back

Looks like the wind direction has brought the Martins back early this year. Yesterday I saw 4 of them winging up the river at merryton bridge, normally don't spot them until about the 3 rd week in April. The warmer weather has brought a mini explosion in vegetation and insect life, great news for the wildlife with natural feeding on the menu again. Two pair of goosanders have been mating , the first time I've actually seen them at it, I suspect they will be nesting fairly close by. Saw an otter in the harbour a few days ago, it was nearly dark so couldn't tell if it was last years male. Also witnessed a titanic struggle between a Mink and eel nearly 3 feet long last week under the bailey bridge - the Mink won ! I got a few pics but quality is poor because of the action, distance and background.

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