Sunday, 24 April 2011

Steven Seagael

Been 9 months since Steven the Seagull has lived with me, and It looks like it'll be permanent. I think a proper name is now in order, reflecting his status, attitude and origin. From henceforth he will be called Steven Seagael ! Although unable to fly, he has a good quality of life as far as I can tell. His taste in food is of the upper class variety, his favourite is raw alaskan pollock, closely followed by scots mince, cheese, raw chicken and boiled egg. He will eat Chappie dog food and poultry pellets but prefers the former. I have learned a lot about herring gulls, aptly named for being able to swallow a whole herring easily. Steven is like the others and is very territorial and currently on a takeover bid for my house ! See video clips below of him dominating Millie and me, and sharing dinner!

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