Thursday, 3 May 2018

Duckling Rescue

The first river hatch of the year appears to have been wiped out..except for one !  Yesterday I noticed the mother who previously had ten had been reduced to three. 

This morning there was one duckling below the Merryton bridge with no sign of the Mother.
Checking again in the afternoon the situation had not changed and the one duckling was peeping away for it's Mother.
Tonight I decided if it was still alone I would attempt a rescue, for it would surely not survive the night.
Having no Mother for guidance, thankfully I was able to outwit and catch the solitary duckling.

                      It is now safely in the brooder box.
I will try and track down the Mother and if possible give her back the duckling, or try and integrate it with Disco's six. This would probably be the best option if at all possible. There is only a few days difference in age, but disco might reject it completely, we shall see.  

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