Thursday, 17 May 2018

Magnificent Seven !

This morning Penny and Duke took a tally of seven cygnets for their first dip. There was a bit of high drama when they were unable to climb out of the moat as the water level is so low.

Having allowed for this beforehand I placed 2 ramps at the usual exist points, but needless to say they were reluctant to use them. Unlike ducklings, cygnets cannot jump ! 

                        In the end I had to carry heavy sods across and place them between the ramps which the cygnets eventually used - as the pics show.

Duke appears to be at a loss when left alone to cope, this might well be his very first offspring, so Penny will have to use her long standing experience - once she is freed from the nesting.

Meanwhile Duke took the cygnets for a round tour of the island at high tide.

The weather would have been perfect if it was not for that chilly sea breeze.
A new chapter in the life of the Nairn swans begins !

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