Thursday, 17 May 2018


This weeks Spring Tide, brought great Tidings of Joy to me and The River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust members.
After last years failure, Duke and Penny produced 5 cygnets today and she is still trying to hatch others as I pen this post.

                    It's two years since we had cygnets on the river, and they were sorely missed by many- the cygnet drought is over !!

The efforts of the Trust by rescuing Duke Twice and getting him treated have paid off. He has hung in there, seen off the opposition and now the proud father of his first brood with Penny.

Even today as he sat by the nest with his offspring, he had to defend the territory by seeing off 2 young Swans who landed on the river looking for a nest site.

As always, with my 13 year relationship with Penny, I was privileged to get some close up shots of her and brood. Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

So please and can't wait to see them.

Stephen Smerdon said...

Hi Joe you might find a big rise on viewers of your site today as I posted the following post in my 4000 member Facebook group Nairn when you were a bairn and it certainly sparked a lot of interest here is my post ......
"On the subject of this year's long awaited signets(7 of them) there is a website dedicated to them called 'Simply Superb Swans'where you can visit and see regular updates and photos of there progress just visit the following link"

jayteescot1 said...

Stephen, there was a large rise in viewers today. After last years failure there was a lot of anticipation - trepidation on my part if it would be a repeat. I think everyone got so used to the swans previous successes and took them for granted. Thankfully Penny and Duke have triumphed this time.

I am not on Facebook, but have heard of much criticism of my 12 years devotion invested in the Nairn swans, their island, and their success.
Fortunately having founded The river Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust, we look after their welfare seriously for the benefit of all. Joe