Friday, 18 May 2018

Robust Cygnets

Penny and Duke appear to have produced superb healthy robust cygnets. 

Very well formed and already gaining strength to march up to the nest easily. 

Gave them their first meal of finely chopped soft lettuce, dried mealworm and wholemeal crumbs. Penny nodded and grunted her approval in the short movie clip below.

Also removed the sterile egg that was keeping Penny on the nest, this was done to allow her to concentrate on the welfare of the seven cygnets. ( Egg with tennis ball beside for size comparison ) 

She was happy to have an empty nest for the care of the cygnets. 
It was a perfect day, warm, no wind and ideal for the cygnets to be given plenty of time in the water, admired by many passers by.

Duke was happy for Penny to take charge, while he saw off some young intruders.

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