Thursday, 30 September 2010

Nairn Harbour Otter

Rare treat for me this morning when I checked on the injured cygnet down in the harbour.

The Swans were very edgy and the injured one gave a call which alerted the others. I looked around but couldn't see anything, until I saw a trail of bubbles along the harbour wall then the cob started hissing and led the others away.
An otter was fishing along the wall and rose occasionally for air, and to crunch the odd flounder ! It seemed completely unconcerned although it was mid day and sun shining, with low tide it was diving and catching lots of flounders in the harbour silt. This is the best view I've ever had of an Otter doing it's own thing. The 3rd pic shows it finishing a flounder ! The short video's are purely because it only surfaced for seconds at a time, It was a treat for me. Yet another tourist attraction !

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