Monday, 13 September 2010

Trying Hard

It's coming up for 6 weeks since I first brought Steven the seagull into the garden. His wing has healed and he has grown a couple of new main flight feathers. He is trying hard to take to the air, but I fear he might never be able to. It is sad watching him looking at other gulls wheeling across the sky, as he instinctively tries to join them. I wont give up and continue to give him a bit of physiotherapy, he has managed to get a few feet into the air but cant use his right wing fully.The new flight feathers have still a little more to grow and maybe that will make all the difference. I think if he was in an open space with a strong headwind he would manage to get airborne, but I would be afraid of him coming down somewhere where he couldn't escape or I couldn't safely retrieve him.

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