Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Steven's Bid for Freedom

Steven the Seagull is gaining in strength and confidence, but his repaired wing is still not quite up to the job. Even though living in the confines of the garden, he is still doing what seagulls do and pecks around with the occasional bit of hunting ! Last week he managed to catch and eat a sparrow, probably the one that got too close before. I found a small scattering of feathers and the following day the regurgitated bones and feathers of the poor sparrow! All the instinctive reactions are there, he spotted a Hawk at high altitude the other day and made himself smaller as he headed for the doorway of the house ! He now wants to join all the seagulls that head for the shore at dusk. Tonight he tried hard to fly over the gate but couldn't quite get the lift. I am delighted to have gotten such a result, the day he makes it over the gate is when I'll probably take him to the beach !

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