Friday, 24 September 2010

September Flood Heralds Winter

Heavy persistent rain brought a big spate on the river, from the Swans perspective it heralds the start of winter. The reason - most of the river weed food supply will have gone with the Spate. Huge trees washed down, scour the riverbed and shift thousands of tons of shingle and the weed that clings to it. This is bad news for the Swans because the seafront is now covered with sand as well, so even estuary seaweed is also in short supply. Last winter they virtually cleaned the harbour walls of seaweed such was the demand of 10 Swans. It remains to be seen whether this years cygnets will be allowed to stay over this winter . Two large trees are currently laying across the moat entrance, but with higher tides expected over the coming days hopefully they will shift.

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