Friday, 10 May 2013

Dangerous Dog

We have a killer dog on the river, seen and reported twice this week. It has been described as a spaniel brown and white, seen chasing the only remaining ducklings. Yesterday another duckling went missing and I retrieved one today with a badly broken leg, the break is such that it is unfixable.
This dog must be stopped killing and injuring the wildlife, it has apparently been allowed to run free with no owner present, and believed to come from the new bridgemill flats. The cygnets will soon be hatched and will stand no chance against such a dog, it is imperative that all Trust members and anyone else who values our wildlife, report any sightings of this dog and owner to the Scottish SPCA 03000 999 999 and Police on 101 to stop this riverside carnage. It is against the law to have an unsupervised dog running around killing wildlife.

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