Sunday, 19 May 2013

River Rescue Drama

After yesterday's downpour, the river rose quickly and posed a threat to the cygnets. Penny and Popeye took them downstream to the pier to feed on the seaweed, the problem was how to get back upstream ! 

Encountering heavy current they crossed the river trying to get to calmer waters on the east side, as it turned out this was a bad move, because the cygnets got washed downstream and Penny and Popeye struggled to save them from possible drowning.

Being trapped at the tarry dyke and in danger of being swept into the metal piling and pushed under by the current, Penny realised the danger and mounted a rescue operation which saved the day.

The sequence of pics shows the events of being trapped against the tarry dyke, and the efforts to protect the cygnets. 

Ultimately getting them back to the other side of the river to safety.

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