Monday, 6 May 2013

Spring ?

At last a wee bit of warmth, has Spring finally arrived ? After such a prolonged Winter today certainly feels like spring. Most of the Ducks are now nesting although a few still mosey around the island. The Links duck has lost 6 of her 15 ducklings but I'm hopeful she will hold onto most of the remainder. So far 3 other broods totalling 20 ducklings that I know of have been wiped out by predators.

 I would remind people to avoid throwing bread at any ducklings they see, this is only likely to bring down the gulls and crows resulting in more duckling deaths. Most gulls are now nesting but a few remain on the river, I picked up a Highland Council leaflet on Seagull control from the council offices which gives comprehensive information on problems caused by gulls etc. 

The education section states, "The public are discouraged from feeding gulls at home as well as in parks and other open spaces" At the end of the leaflet, the council say that there will be, "no culling or egg or nest removal, since there is no evidence the presence of gulls is affecting public health or air safety".

Woody and Alan the reared rescued Wood pigeons are now enjoying the aviary outdoors, along with the paraplegic feral pigeon.

 I rigged up a small swing for them and they make full use of it, although the paraplegic pigeon had difficulty getting on and balancing !

 I should be able to introduce them to the wild within a week or so, since they have just about learned to fend for themselves. 

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