Friday, 3 May 2013

Dreich and Dour

No wonder the Scots get the reputation of being Dour, the weather is Dreich and no sign of an end to Winter yet ! Last year I joked about the start of a new ice age, which starts with colder Summers, I hope I'm wrong ! It is pretty depressing, made worse by the fact that two more of the 15 ducklings have gone, bringing it down to eleven. I should have kept them safe for another week. Big as they are, they still find it necessary to huddle in a heap to keep warm. 

The only bright spot today was seeing Woody flying towards me and landing on my chest, I was about to take a pic of him standing on the end of the Aviary bath when he took off towards me !

The other thing that brought a smile to my dreich day, was seeing a drake casually watching over his mate on one leg !

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