Tuesday, 21 May 2013

More Aww Pics

Cygnets are almost a week old and brood still intact, the weather improved slightly just in time for their arrival.

 A selection of various shots, and short video over the past week for your enjoyment.

Based on the Saying "you only get back what you put in", I'm glad putting in the right food and care produces these results.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! Was glad to see the cygnets and just-hatched ducklings when I visited Nairn last weekend. A lady whose window overlooks the river told me about your blog. It's super! A visitor from Dunbar.

jayteescot1 said...

Glad you like my blog, there are over 800 postings dating back several years. I'm sure you'll find many of the photos and comment interesting.

Pleased you got a chance to see the cygnets and ducklings, many visitors enjoy the spectacle.