Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sharing The Same Bed

Once again the Fishertown fly tippers show their civic pride in our River by dumping a mattress, rather than phone the council to have it removed.

 I read with interest on the local Gurn that the River Community Council are planning to take over the grass cutting and other civic maintenance tasks like tree planting, pruning etc. With the Gurn, Liz, Colin and Tommy Hogg, who are all sharing the same political bed, this should surely be fairly easy to achieve ?  The River community council should represent the WHOLE COMMUNITY in their patch, Party Politics should stay out of it . However many people in Nairn don't see this at all. I also notice there was no mention of picking up litter from the riverside which I and others have been doing for years. The River Nairn Swans and Waterfowl Trust have been given the cold shoulder by the powers that be - of course Swans and ducks don't vote. The current 60 + plus members of the trust most of whom are members of the local community, have put their money where their mouth is and wish to protect and enhance the river wildlife and their environment - they do vote. I recently offered Liz and the region the chance for the Trust to plant some Rowan, Hawthorn and shrubs at two locations on the tidal reaches of the river at no cost to the region. This was refused, WHY ?  Quite simply because the local politicians can see some political kudos in doing it themselves. The reason the Trust wanted to do it, was for the benefit of the birds winter food supply, and the enjoyment that the community would get from it. Had we been given permission it would have already been done. I appreciate that some individuals have a personal dislike of me, but this should not interfere with the greater good of the Town, community, wildlife,  and environment. For a small Town like Nairn, there is much too much politics, talk and back stabbing, and not enough support and action for those people and organisations that have the well being of the Town at heart ! Time to start sharing the bed equally !


Anonymous said...

I gifted Nairn River Community Councils 2 Moutain Ash, & a Broom which were planted. Why do you blame someone in Fishertown for the matress? Anyone from anywhere could have dumped it off the road bridge before it settled where it is. All the birds like to use it as a perch at present. I believe there is a brown & white spaniel that belongs to a man over in Merryton, he used to let it pooh every morning where your patch at the Merryton footbridge is. Maybe point your finger in that direction instead of the flats where mostly Pitbulls & Rhodesian Ridgebacks abide.

Greenleaf said...

Never a truer word said my friend,you get right to the heart of the matter---straight talking.

jayteescot1 said...

Anon, the mattress was laying on brochers brae for a couple of days before it was put in the river. I would have reported it to the council but thought it was put out for a pick up by them.
I thank you for the Rowan tree gift and broom bush, and also the info on the brown and white Spaniel.
As always, it is a few irresponsible individuals who cause problems and everyone should be aware that all wildlife is nesting right now. Young ducklings are on the river and cannot escape any dog that attacks them. Water and hunting type dogs really must be kept under close control in obvious wildlife areas.

Iain said...

It was there for a few days and I expect someone had responsibly phoned the Council. But we do have those who don't care - tossing stuff in the river, dropping litter, fag ends and chewing gum. But let's not blame a whole community as most of us are responsible. How we get others to care is the issue.