Wednesday, 21 November 2012

20 MILLION Disappearing Sparrows !

Noted on the RSPB website  that we have lost 44 MILLION birds since the 1960s. Apparently  20 MILLION fewer sparrows now than in 1966. It sort of ties in with my local argument, about removing small bird habitat and shelter which they rely on for survival. It's all very well people thinking there are plenty of trees etc for the birds, but bushes and dense shrubbery are more important than trees to small birds !
My plea once again to the local powers that be, please leave all bushes and shrubs intact for the sake of the disappearing birds !


Alec said...

It would seem that sparrow populations in Scotland have made a recovery in Scotland in recent years

One of the biggest losses to the likes of the sparrow is the removal of nesting sites, fortunately the fishertown houses adjacent to the river are ideal for them

Small bushes are important but as well as providing shelter they offer a place for predators to hide, so a mixed blessing

jayteescot1 said...

Alec, One thing I have noticed in recent times is the increase in Sparrowhawks. Seem to be a lot going about, and have one visiting my garden a wee bit too frequently!