Friday, 9 November 2012

River Rats ?

Seems like we have a new family of brown river rats conveniently at the sewage bridge. Bold as brass, they gave me a lively show this morning on the riverside. (short video below )They seem to have appeared quite suddenly in the past week or two, maybe coincidentally with the nearby sewer pipe having been opened up and extended recently. There are brown rats from the west pier right up the riversides of course, normally not as easily seen, but with the removal of the undergrowth just up from the sewage bridge their cover has been blown, so to speak. This lot appears to be a family of 2 adults and two young ones from what I've seen. Some locals just dump bird seed, grain, carrot peelings and bread around the pillars and edges of the bridge. I have tried to educate them to put the stuff in the water but it falls on deaf ears, born and bred they think they know best - some folk just don't listen ! Mind you, it's the two legged local malicious variety you have to watch out for !


Sparkotronic said...

Nemo has his eyes on this lot, suppose it's only a matter of time before they end up a sticky mess on our back mat.

jayteescot1 said...

Well he would no doubt be doing the town a service, maybe you could hire his services out to the council. Frankly I'm surprised other cats that I've seen on that side of the river haven't capitalised on the fresh meat on offer !

master splinter said...

bonnie rat that joe, dont think it would get on with my ones though haha