Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Meaning of Life - or - A Life of Meaning

Everyone needs a reason to get up in the morning, and people need to feel valued and have a goal and purpose in life, this is a fundamental truth about human nature. This is something I learned a long time ago and it goes some way to giving me contentment, and being happy with myself. Many people of course don't realise that this inner desire can lead them into a fixation cul de sac. It seems my care and feeding of the wildlife has provoked some very sad people into looking for any excuse to have a go at me, and what I do. This morning I was met by Highland Regions principal waste management officer Mr Alan Bentley, about the Rat situation at the sewage bridge more on this link. A pest control operative was baiting the area, hoping to get rid of the rat family there. The dense bushes at the side of the bridge are home to many small species of birds, and is one of the few spots that is kept free from snowfall and frost, allowing the small birds access to the ground for winter survival. It would be a tragedy if this life saving cover was removed, all because a family of rats are in the area! In the interests of the wildlife, I would ask people to allow the rat catcher to do his job, and not to throw foodstuff onto the riverbank thus inadvertently feeding the rats. I have many photo's and names of locals feeding the gulls and throwing food all over the place. The photo above is an example of a local man having done the wrong thing. Mixed Grain( which I don't use) has been thrown all over the beach area where the Swans can't actually get it, but they won't allow the ducks to get it either ! I will refrain from publishing all pest feeding culprits at this stage, but those calling for my head should be careful that they don't end up in a noose of their own making ! When the brown stuff hits the fan, it has a tendency to spread all over the place. I think much of this situation is a case of, If I cant do it, then I'm going to try and make sure you cant either !

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