Thursday, 15 November 2012

This Weeks Sundry Items

This weeks High tides, shows the potential for the "regenerated" area to be partly used by the waterbirds as a dabbling area. When the tide is high they have very little areas to use other than the small bit at the Seaman's hall. Planting some reeds and rushes would complement the low flooded part and encourage frogs, toads and small creatures to benefit the wildlife. 

It appears the road bridge re-painting is finished, and it looks a lot smarter - I hope the Swans ability to see the rails, avoids any future collisions !
The lucky 7 ducklings are thriving, and I should be able to get them out into the Aviary next week. Short video of this mornings bath time below.
For those of you seeking the 10 keys to happiness check out this link 

PS With the high tides I've seen no sign of the rat hoard !

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