Friday, 23 November 2012

SNP = Swans Not Politicians

Seems we have a new Johnny come lately admirer of our Swans and river wildlife. It's nice to know that the fruits of my many years investment and good river wildlife management, is being recognised by the recently elected SNP councillor Colin MacAuley. I understand he is researching the subject of Swans. If he would like to know all about our Beautiful Swans, he could perhaps start by reading my 700 blog postings on Simply Superb Swans. I'm sure he would learn a great deal about the care, feeding, and rights and wrongs of dealing with Swans and river birds. I met him briefly the other day on the sewage bridge, but was not formerly introduced, I found out later who he was. Since the subject being discussed was the recently discovered family of rats and what should be done about them, perhaps I should have smelled one. I am reminded of the shiny newly elected ex Cllr Marsden and his attempt at new job creation and empire building, and the end result of his comments about the Swans Island some years ago. With no Nairn bypass, the ongoing dog poo problem, Seagulls, Town Degeneration, sorry Regeneration, and getting yes votes for the referendum, there is plenty for Cllr MacAuley to get his teeth into. I wish him well in his new career and hope he tackles some of the above problems, keeping a healthy distance from the Swans and river birds. He seems to recognise they are an asset to the local tourist industry. Perhaps he could get the region to fund some of the winter feeding costs to maintain our healthy stock of 120 birds ? I currently supply 50kg of grain per week plus carrots and wholemeal bread, at a weekly cost of around £30. Donations cover a part of this. Nairn can be proud of having the healthiest wild river bird population in the highlands thanks to kind donors and myself. On the welfare of the healthiest Swans and ducks in the Highlands, my advice is - if it ain't broke don't fix it! I know politicians like to pick winners, but they should contribute to the success first. I asked the swans if they would like a politician getting involved in their future, their answer in the above photo.

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