Monday, 26 November 2012

Oxford Council Gives Advice on River Nairn UPDATE !

If you want to preserve the wildlife and river habitat with no further removal of shrubs and bushes, contact our local councillors and make your feelings known.  

As expected after last weeks ambush meeting of the regional and River community Councillors at the Merryton bridge to handle the "hoards of Rats crisis". Alan Bentley the principal waste management officer for highland council Tec services based in Dingwall - after a half hour visit to Nairn River, has authorised the obligatory press statement in the Nairnshire Telegraph today. “Evidence of rats was found at the east side of the Merryton Bridge in the undergrowth. The Highland Council has baited the area and will carry out follow up checks to gauge the success of baiting. The bridge is a popular spot for feeding ducks and river birds. Many people enjoy feeding the ducks and waterfowl but decaying food, often left on the ground attracts rats. People may think that just a bit of bread won’t hurt, but for every person feeding the birds there could be dozens of people that have been before or will come afterwards. In light of the present infestation of rodents and available bird welfare advice, The Highland Council would encourage residents not to feed the ducks or other birds that that live on the river and let nature provide a natural habitat for them.”

After checking the link where Mr Bentley got his advice, I found that this is the advice put out by Vale of white horse district council in Oxfordshire. So we have Mr Bentley who by his own admission to me knows nothing about our river or wildlife, was here for half an hour and has a quick check on the internet for advice which he then puts to the press.
I don't think that duck ponds in Oxfordshire, are comparable with a shallow fast flowing highland spate river,  and depriving our river birds of winter food when they need it most is just not on. Interestingly there is no mention of people feeding gulls in Nairn. So all the gull feeders in Nairn can clap their hands in glee, whilst we deprive the waterbirds of winter food ! Is this the SNP Independence that we can expect, get advice online from Oxford district council on how to manage our river and wildlife ? I DONT THINK SO !!
I was on hand with experience, and quite willing to trap the 3 rats easily within 48 hours, but no they would rather put down poison, and no doubt take weeks over it. Lets hope somebody's pooch doesn't eat one of the dead rats ! Folly after folly, I see that the new Cllr Macaulay is suggesting the River community council continue to destroy the wildlife habitat on the lower side of the bridge. Is the River community council now an SNP controlled council, or does it represent the whole community ? My previous posts appear to have sussed the political interference I warned about ! I would urge all the residents of Nairn who care about our river environment and wildlife, to contact any of the river community councillors and Cllr Macaulay and make your views known. Do you want the river opened up to more uncontrolled dogs and people ? If so you won't have the wildlife as well, In no uncertain terms, tell them to keep their hands off  the riverside shrubs and bushes.
More on the rats row in the Nairnshire Telegraph out today.

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