Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Roland in The Raw

Following on a previous post regarding river rats, I think my viewers will find the following video taken this morning very interesting. It was on a receding high tide at the Merryton /Sewage bridge where it was claimed at last nights RCC meeting to be infested with rats. Lo and behold as luck would have it, a salmon kelt washed onto the bank, and Roland Rat was presented with a feast ! I don't know why the claimed hoards were not present - maybe just a wee bit exaggerated perhaps. I really must stop buying them Salmon !


Bill said...

I am quite certain your feeding of the swans and ducks is NOT the cause of any 'infestation' of rats that may be occurring.

However, as Cllr McDonald implied rats do need to be dealt with, although whether that will prompt Highland Council into action (even if it is their job, which you implied elsewhere they may be distancing themselves from) is anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha good one joe !.Come on tommy hogg where are the photo's to prove your story ????

jayteescot1 said...

Hi Bill, I emailed Cllr,Mc Donald offering to catch the rats.I have been offered the use of a rat trap, and I also have a mink trap that would do the job too. I have in fact caught a rat in the mink trap a couple of years ago.
Liz is in Edinburgh at the mo, and says she will contact environmental health on her return.
We'll see what transpires, but personally I don't see any big deal regarding this family of rats.

master splinter said...

its one family of rats, in a town your no more than 3 feet from a rat at anytime. what are they gonna do? put poison down over the whole town? also joe, i want that rat!

jayteescot1 said...

Alas master splinter, it's probably been poisoned by now !